What's All the Hub-bub About?

The ministry of Stonecroft reaches women with God’s great story of love. The organization’s mission  is to meet women where they are, as they are, with a heart for seeing other women’s lives radically transformed by the Gospel. Stonecroft’s newest arm of ministry to carry out their mission is Hubs.

What is a Hub?

A hub is a group of women, compelled to see lives transformed by Jesus. They gather to carry out Gospel-sharing activities with some group of women in their community.

How Do Hubs Differ From Women’s Connections?

Women’s Connections are Stonecroft’s flagship ministry. Over 600 Women’s Connections exist across the nation. Like hubs, they too, are an outreach ministry but with a common format. The group brings together women, usually over a meal, for a program. The format includes prayer, a fun feature presentation, a speaker who shares the gospel through her personal story, and invites others into that same loving relationship with Christ.

Our local Women’s Connection, who meets monthly for lunch at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, is an example of this outreach ministry. Its purpose is the same as that of a Hub – to reach other women with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. The difference is that we invite women into the fellowship time rather than going to them with that message.

How Does a Hub Get Started?

Hub volunteers gather to pray for God’s compassionate heart, power, and wisdom for how best to reach women in their communities with the Gospel. They ask God to reveal new avenues by which they can share the Good News. The number and types of outreaches differ from hub to hub.

Once the hub determines its avenue of outreach, volunteers receive training, plan and conduct outreach, and celebrate how God worked through them to transform lives. A recent example of a local hub event is the group of women who visited and celebrated Christmas with women residing at the Union Gospel Mission (see pics here).

Who Attends Hub Gatherings?

• Christian women in the community
• Women who attend Women’s Connections events
• Women interested in Stonecroft who want to know more
• Volunteers
• Potential Stonecroft volunteers
• Bible study/small group attendees
• Stonecroft military women
• Women interested in new ways of Gospel outreach

How Often Does a Hub Meet?

While Women’s Connections usually meet monthly, hub leaders and their volunteers determine the frequency of hub meetings. Many hubs will meet three to four times per year. Two to three of those gatherings focus on recruiting/training and one focuses on fellowship/celebration. The number of their outreach events will also vary depending on the community served and availability of volunteers.

What Other Hubs Exist in Our Area?

The newest hub forming in our area is the Volunteers for Victims Hub, an outreach to support women healing from sex abuse and exploitation. To learn more about this hub, click here.

How Do I Join Or Form a Hub?

It’s easy. For information and support, just contact our local Hub Coordinator:
Delanna Hess at delannaplanotx@gmail.com or call her at 469-441-8198

And now that you know the difference between Hubs and Women’s Connections, what questions do you still have?

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