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Fruitfulness on the Frontline: Making a Difference Where You Are,  by Mark Greene

Led by Kathy Reeh

Meets Tuesdays, for 6 weeks, March 26-April 30, 2019
10:00 AM-11:30 AM

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Description of Study

Your daily life may never be the same.

In this scripture-based, horizon-expanding, spirit-lifting book, see how God can and does work in and through us in our daily lives. No need to wait. Being fruitful is possible and attainable right now.

Whether you’re a student or retired, at a gym or at work, at the school gate or in the grocery store, a fresh framework opens a host of possibilities of how you can intentionally make a difference for Christ … and can do so among the people you naturally meet in the places you find yourself day by day.

Every interaction, activity, relationship, or responsibility carries divine potential. Learn what God wants you to do with these right now, where you are, as you are, in whatever your situation at this moment.

Chapters 1-3: Intro and Foundations for Fruitfulness
Chapter 4: Modeling Godly Character
Chapter 5: Making Good Work
Chapter 6: Ministering in Grace and Love
Chapter 7: Molding Culture
Chapter 8: Being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice
Chapter 9: Being a Messenger of the Gospel