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Angel Willeford: Connecting Where She Is…As She Is

Angel Williford

Her name means messenger in Hebrew. Angel Willeford lives up to her name’s meaning. Her story of faith and grit in the face of life’s challenges carries a message for each of us. I caught up with Angel at her Ebby Halliday office: Angel, how do you spend a typical day? Balancing everything – it’s…

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5 Hidden Figures: Celebrating Black History Month

You won’t find these women in history books. Though they came from humble beginnings, their intentionality and grit made a difference in helping to shape our culture and the modern world. 1. While the women of Hidden Figures helped send NASA astronauts into space, it wasn’t until 1992 that an African American woman actually went…

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Valentine's Dark History and 6 Other Surprising Facts

Ah, Valentine’s Day, ironically a day of roses, chocolates, and heart-shaped cards, actually has a dark history. Here are seven surprising facts:* 1. How it got it’s name: Valentine’s Day marks the date of the execution of St. Valentine by Roman emperor Claudius II during the third century AD. And what was St. Valentine’s crime?…

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