Our passion and purpose at Christian Women's Connection is to meet women in the Collin County community where they are, as they are — where they live and work, in whatever their situation or circumstance in life.

Our goal is to reach out and connect these women with other women, our community, and God.

We do this through several activities...

Monthly Luncheons

Monthly luncheon programs provide a time for women to take a break from hectic schedules and the incessant demands of life. For two hours on the second Thursday of each month (except February), we gather to laugh together, be informed with a special feature presentation, and be inspired by a keynote speaker whose message touches the heart of where we live. View our events calendar for our next luncheon.

CWCCC Luncheons

Get Acquainted Coffees

Cherish Friends Get Acquainted Coffees are a time for lots of hugs and girlfriend to girlfriend chatter. Held in one of our homes five times a year, there's no agenda or program, but only time for conversation and sharing with others. Women gather, make new friends or catch up with those they haven't seen lately. These gatherings often launch more intimate connections over lunch or coffee with someone we would like to know better or with whom we share a common interest. View our events calendar for our next get acquainted coffees.

CWCCC Coffee

Weekly Bible Studies

Weekly Bible studies small groups meet in private homes and offer time to grow in faith. Here, we share our questions or struggles, gain new insights, and realize we are not alone.

CWCCC Bible Studies

Local Outreach Activities

We support locally-led outreach activities. These include a variety of service projects such as providing professional attire for economically disadvantaged women looking to enter the workforce, giving diapers and formula to pregnant women who cannot afford these necessities, and identifying volunteers that offer adult literacy classes for non-English speaking individuals.
We want to get to know you. Come and join us. And bring a friend; she will be glad you did. View our events calendar for our next local outreach activity.

cwccc outreach